Advanced and Specialties

Those who already know how to "fly" underwater may want to improve their diving safety and learn to "see" what usually remains unnoticed to the untrained "eye" ... and some may want to go deeper or are passionate about wrecks or photography.
Further learning about this exciting world and its complex interactions will teach special caring for the surprising organisms the populate it and to respect ourselves as well.
With these objectives, besides the passion that feeds our work, we offer international and professional dive experience with the best national and international dive certification agencies and organizations.

We propose a variety of courses that you can take right after the first OPEN WATER certification such as:

  • buoyancy and hovering
  • eco-diver and naturalist diver
  • night diving
  • navigation and orienteering
  • computer diving (with basic understanding of tissue saturation)
  • digital photography (various levels)
  • dry suit

... or you can take the important 2nd level certification: ADVANCED Diver. This certification requires 5 dives in total of which 4 special dives covering much of the above specialities, and 1 deep dive reaching -30 meters. The certification requires some easy but important theory as well as 5 practice dives to gain safety, aquatic fitness, and important buoyancy control at sea.

In conjunction with the ADVANCED training, or right afterward, we can continue improving our skills with the courses below:

  • DEEP Diver (up to -40 meters)
  • NITROX Diver
  • First aid, CPR for BLS
  • Administration of Oxygen First Aid
  • RESCUE Diver
  • WRECK Diver

We also offer further courses beyond list above and an entry into more technical diving such as 

  • DEEPEXT to -45mt 
  • DEEPDEEPEXT to -50mt